Tips for Picking Nicotine Bases & Nicotine Salt Bases for E-Liquids

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E-liquids play a leading role in the success of the e-cigarettes industry. Brands dominating the market rely on the right salt nicotine bases in formulating their e-liquids. As a manufacturer, you need to focus more on your supply chain partners. They have a role to play in your success. They affect the quality of the product you offer on the market. They also determine the consistency of the experiences you can offer your clients. Therefore, you want to keep an eye in the competencies of companies you trade with for your supplies to ensure they adhere not only to industry standards but also to your much-needed excellent standards. The following are features help you tell when you are getting a good deal for your e-liquid base.


Understand the Base Constituent

You cannot make a good purchase unless you know the uses of what you are purchasing. Your bases must have the ingredient necessary to activate the e-liquid. In this case, you must be getting a nicotine base because it forms the foundation for the final product. Moreover, you need to have a background of nicotine at least to know whether it is a good grade. If you fail to narrow down to the quality of the nicotine, then you might end up not selecting the most attractive looking option in the market. Some suppliers can also include many marketing pronunciations to confuse your purchase. Thus, going to the root to understand the constituents should be your first defense.

Choice of Flavors & Salts


In most cases, you want your e-liquid base coming without any flavors. The unflavored nicotine bases would be a great selection since you can go on to add the flavors based on your client’s requirements as well as your signature on the market. Although flavors are hard to get pre-mixed in the base, you can still seek special arrangements with a supplier especially when you are only coordinating the manufacturing of the e-liquid rather than doing the activity yourself. Meanwhile, you should also use the same caution when picking your nicotine salt bases. Check for industry certifications including USP, ISO 7, as well as GMP. Confirm the assurances on quality made by your preferred supplier.

Packaging Options

You want your supplies to come in appropriate packaging. The liquid base can be in a plastic 5-liter container as is the industry standard with sufficient labeling on the side. Awkward packaging will force you to use specialized shipment, and it mostly occurs at an extra cost. On the other hand, poor labeling can cause you to mess your production line if employees end up using the wrong ingredient. Packaging considerations must also check the safety considerations of the bottle used. The lids must fit, and there should be a way to check for tampering during shipping.

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