How To Stop Hair Loss

In the modern times, hair loss has become a serious problem for many people. It can occur suddenly or gradually, and it may be permanent or temporary. Everybody experiences hair loss as they grow older. However, men have a higher likelihood of losing hair than women owing to a combination of the effects of sex hormones and genes. Going bald can have a negative effect on a person’s self-image and make them feel embarrassed about their looks.It is, therefore, important to explore ways of how to stop hair loss.

There are many reasons for hair loss. These include:

Hormonal factors-hair loss

These are influenced by our genes. There are particular sex hormones that trigger the process of permanent hair loss. Men are more susceptible to hormone problems, and these may start even during puberty.


Stress can interfere with the hair life cycle (which comprises of the growth, rest and shed phases). It also results in hormone imbalance, which may exacerbate the problem.


Some medications for issues like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and depression may result in hair loss. This is mainly temporary, and the hair may regrow once you stop taking the medication.
Hair-styling chemicals-some hair products like relaxers may damage the root of the hair. Very tight hairstyles like cornrows may also aggravate the problem.

Sudden loss of weight-

This may be caused by illness or stress. This can result in poor eating habits which means a deficiency of vitamins, proteins, and minerals that are all vital for healthy hair.

Demodex Folliculorum-

This is a tiny mite that feeds on the sebum secreted by sebaceous glands, resulting in thinning of hair.

There are several ways of reducing or stopping hair loss, namely:

grey hairMedication

This means using medication to treat the disease that causes hair loss. There are also approved drugs that can help accelerate hair growth after an illness. Examples of health complications that lead to hair loss include lupus, ringworms and thyroid problems. But the medication may have negative side effects like the growth of unwanted hair, irritation in the scalp and reduced sex drive.

Healthy eating

Eating a poor diet means that your body lacks the necessary raw materials to make healthy hair strands. The hair also follicles need proper nourishment. Hair loss can be checked by eating healthy foods that are full of minerals, vitamins and proteins. You should avoid cigarettes, narcotics and caffeine that constrict the blood vessels that carry blood to the scalp.

Reducing chemical usage

Applying excessive chemicals to the hair and using hot water will lead to hair loss. You should also avoid extremely tight hair styles like hair weaves or cornrows that can cause weakening and breakage of hair.

Daily massage

A daily scalp massage will help to stimulate blood circulation and allow vital nutrients like amino acids and biotin to be carried to the hair follicles.

Minimizing stress6jh54fe

Using techniques such as meditation can help avoid stress. Relaxing and engaging in fun and recreational activities will also lower stress levels. This will also help curb compulsive and harmful habits like twisting and breaking of hair.

Using essential oils and herbs

Applying essential oils and herbs is an effective method of how to stop hair loss and rejuvenate hair growth. Nettle root, Panax ginseng and saw palmetto are hugely effective in curbing hair loss. Soybean extract and lavender oil are good hair growth stimulants. Basil and jojoba oil are great solutions for regrowing hair.