Facts to Know About NHS Dental Care

Dental care plays an integral role in your overall health. People visit the dentist for different reasons. If you are an NHS patient, you need to keep visiting the dentist often to keep your teeth and gums healthy. As much as you might not be facing a severe dental condition, you need to make an effort seeing your dentist after every six months to ensure you are not harborinhealthy teethg any dental ailments.

The first step towards accessing NHS dental services is to find an NHS dentist. The good thing about NHS dentist is that you do not have to register with a dentist the way people do with a GP. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being subjected to rigorous examination before being accepted by an NHS dentist. That said, here are some essential facts to know about NHS dental treatments.

Income-Based Benefits

Anyone under income support, income-based job-seekers allowance, and income-related employment support. If you are getting one of these benefits or you have any dependent under the 20 years, you are entitled to free dental treatment. Also, one is allowed to free NHS dental treatment if either you or your partner gets pension credits.

What Does NHS Cover

dental care

Unlike private dental services, NHS dental services are limited. Under NHS, the patient is entitled to general examination and assessment, and non-surgical dental treatment like polishing, gum treatments, and marginal fillings. Some surgical dental treatment like wisdom teeth removal, filling the root canal, along with other special treatments like bridges, crowns, inlays, and veneers might also be covered.

The dental treatment plan often informs the type of dental services offered under NHS – it could be Band 2 or Band 3 plan. It is a good idea to ask for an NHS treatment plan and learn more about what the method you choose costs. You can then proceed and select a treatment plan that suits you. In case, any changes need to be done, may be due to changes in your oral health needs, you can always make amends to the plan.

As much as NHS dentists might not wholly cover all sorts of dental services, they are highly preferred by most patients thanks to their subsidized costs.