Using the Finger Pulse Oximeter

man checking blood pressure

The pulse oximeter refers to a medical device that measures the oxygen level in the blood and the heart rate and expresses it as a percent of oxygen saturation. These gadgets work by shining light through the skin which goes to the blood vessels that are located beneath.

The pulse oximeters are used for various medical applications and can readily be bought over the counter.  When you take the readings, and it reads close to 100 percent, it means that the red blood cells are loaded with oxygen which is pumped from the lungs.

Area of Application

checking the heart pulse One of the commonly asked questions about the pulse oximeter is the area of application. Well, the finger pulse oximeter is used in homes, operating rooms, medical clinics, and hospitals just but to mention a few. The pulse rate and the saturation level of oxygen are critical statistics when it comes to the data of a patient.

The pulse oximeter is cost-effective and could be used to take accurate measurements of the oxygen level in the blood and the heart rate within seconds. One of the things that are important especially when it comes to the emergency situations, speed is usually vital.  Athletes who are taking part in the high altitude training can also use it to help them in increasing their endurance.

Medical Uses

The pulse oximeter is ideal for patients with various medical conditions like the chronic obstructive airway disease, pulmonary disease, asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory problems. Patients with various respiratory problems should have their pulse rate and level of oxygen in their bloodstream checked regularly.

Doctors typically recommend light exercises to individuals with respiratory problems. Exercises help in improving the overall fitness and physical stamina of the patient. Since taking heavy exercises could lead to the shortness of breath, the light exercises are usually recommended when it comes to the patients with heart problems. The pulse oximeter is great equipment as it helps the patients monitor their pulse rate when they are exercising. The video below highlights how to use the finger pulse oximeter.

Patients with Cardiac Conditions

equipment for monitoring pulsePatients with cardiac problems usually have low levels of oxygen in their bloodstream, and their pulse rate is typically low. The pulse oximeter is, therefore, critical equipment as it will help them monitor their conditions and they will know when to use the supplement the oxygen that they are in-taking.

Some of the ways that can be applied to increases the saturation of the oxygen level are proper breathing techniques like the pursed lip breathing.