How to Choose the Best Synthetic Urine

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Like most products in the market, folks just want to make some bucks, and with synthetic urine, it’s no different. Therefore, you may get a plethora of synthetic urine kits in the market upon which some of them may not help you pass a drug test.

Obviously, the most significant thing when you choose your synthetic urine is reliability. So, what do you need to know that the type of synthetic urine you’re about to purchase can be reliable?

Composition of the Synthetic Urine

We’re talking about fake pee here that you’ll present to the lab authorities as your piss. Therefore, it has to look exactly like natural human urine. Basically, the chemical composition of synthetic urine should mimic that of real urine.

It has to contain all the ingredients that are found in natural human pee. Moreover, it should contain the characteristics of real urine such as;

  • Uric acidsynthetic urine in a container
  • Urea
  • Creatine
  • It should have the correct pH range
  • It should smell, look, and froth like real urine
  • It should have the correct specific gravity range

Choose a Reputable Brand

You can do your research on the various synthetic urine kits, but one way to help you avoid getting the wrong product is by choosing a trusted brand. There’re several brands out in the market that may not provide quality products.

To avoid getting into trouble of failing your drug test, ensure that you choose a reputable brand. Those companies will not want to ruin their reputation by producing faulty products. Besides, their products would be almost certain to have all the requirements present in human urine.


Sometimes the packaging mechanism can tell you more about the product you purchase. For instance, the flashy packaging of synthetic urine should be a sign of not the best quality. Lab-tested products such as synthetic urine it’s hard to come in a package similar to protein booster for the bodybuilders.


The price of synthetic urine can point you to whether it’s a good quality product. Let’s face it – ingredients such as uric acid, urea, and creatinine are expensive. Therefore, the low price of certain synthetic urine should raise a red flag on the effectiveness of that product.

Also, you should check on the expiry as well as the manufacturing date of synthetic urine to ensure that you don’t get an expired product that will fail you in a test. Never also forget to check on the occasion that you’ll face in the testing facility. For instance, if there’s no privacy when submitting the sample, ensure you choose a product that will mimic the actual peeing experience to avoid suspicion.


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