With an arm injury, you may not be able to carry out things as usual. If the arm is broken or has a fracture, you will need to take safety precautions as soon as possible. The right first aid for a broken arm can help to reduce any severe injury in the future. Here are some tips to help you with the first aid if you have a broken arm or if the arm is fractured;

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• Consider the state of the injury

Before anything, you will need to weigh if the person is severely injured, or if they need CPR. Suppose the injured person is not moving or breathing, or if they are unconscious, then you will need professional help. Call 911 and get the appropriate help that is needed.

• Attempt to stop the bleeding

If the person is severely injured, the broken arm might ooze out blood. So if there is any bleeding, you will need to stop it as soon as possible. Use a sterile bandage or a clean piece of cloth to apply the pressure.

• Place the person to lie down

Suppose the person is weak, pale, dizzy or has shortness of breath, you will need to place them to lie on the back with the feet raised to about twelve inches. You can then cover the patient with a blanket to sustain the body temperature.

• Elevate the arm

Elevating the broken arm also helps to limit the swelling and prevent excess blood from accumulating around the broken area. You can also apply ice to the swollen area to limit the swelling.

• Immobilize the arm

Suppose you want to move the victim, you will need to immobilize the broken arm. In case the arm is less injured, you will need to cut the sleeve of the shirt or blouse. This should be done if the arm cannot be moved. If the victim has a neck or back injury, you should not move them. You can design a splint using a magazine, newspaper, or a piece of cardboard. Fold it and place it under the injured limb. Use a piece of soft cloth to tie the splint carefully to the injured arm.

65y4tf• Contact a professional

When you have checked that and carried out the appropriate first aid, you will need to contact the nearest health care provider. Ensure that you go to a reputable provider to get the help that you need.

Never offer the first aid for a broken arm if you do not know the right procedure to follow. Also, if the person is severely injured and the bone is sticking out, then you should call the 911 as soon as possible.